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Message Board From Management

Hi to all the new employees from Mid-Star Corp.. We welcome you to our company and hope you will find your employment with us to be a good experience in your career as a Private Investigator or Protection Agent.

As a Professional we ask that you keep these five things in mind as you go about your everyday Career as a Professional.

1. Always call on and off duty.

2. Always submitt a daily activity report when you work a shift and keep track of the hours that you work.

3. Call the Operations Manager immediately if there is any unusual activity or you have any questions about the location you are working at.

4. Look Good, let me say it again, Look Good. This a must in any Profession and it is a must in this Profession, because how you look directly affects how well you can do your job.

5. Represent the company well. This is similiar to number four but here we mean in uniform or out of uniform. We mean and we strongly believe, that every employee of the company should always, as long as, they are employed with this company, on duty or off duty, should speak and in every other way praise the company. Never do the opposite. Because doing the so would hurt you, the company and every other employee of the company, which is not right or fair to anyone. When you are no longer employed by the company then do as you want.


Vincent J. Peterson

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