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Our rates are competitive and very widely depending on many different factors. If you would like a quote via email or phone please answer questions 1-10. It is helpful if you copy and paste the list to your email to us. If you do not want to answer a question just put, " N/A" after that question.
All quotes will not include a 20% gratuity to the driver but will be required at the time of payment to the driver.
1. Have you rented from us within the past two years.
2. How many people will be riding in our Limo? Maximum 10 passengers.
3. How many hours will you be renting the Limo?
4. What is the reason or event you are renting the Limo for?
5. What is the date and exact time you will need to be picked up?
6. What is the exact address you will need to be picked up at?
7. What is the exact address you will need to be dropped off at?
8. What is your full Name, home address, home phone#, cell phone#?
9. Will you be paying with cash or credit card?
10.Will the driver need to stay or will he be able to leave and come back?

Thank you for reviewing our web site and we want you to know that we are eager to serve you.

Vincent J. Peterson
Operations Manager Deluxe Limo Service

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